Welcome to Winter Season 2023

Fee Structure

There are two components to the fees payable for Winter Baseball.  Firstly there are the compulsory Levies payable to Baseball Australia, Baseball Qld & GCBA. 
Current Summer players wishing to play this winter pay $20.00.
New players for the Winter season pay $242.00.
New Masters Players for the Winter season pay $188.00.
These compulsory fees must be paid online when you register.

Club fees – $320 for the season includes baseballs, umpires and maintaining the fields and facilities at the Surfers Paradise Baseball Club.
New and current players aged 15 and above will be charged $320.00 in addition to the compulsory levies.
The Club Treasurer will send you an invoice for the Club fees, within 7 days of your registration and it must be paid in full by Saturday 13th May 2023.

Training is underway for the current summer season players as they approach the final series, but winter players are welcome to train at the Club from Wednesday 29/3/2023 from 4pm till dark.
Infield work will be available until dark on Diamond 1 or 2 and then players can use the fully lit batting cages.
Winter training sessions will start on Sunday 2/4/2023 from 9am for several Sundays until the start of the season.
The Club is hosting the QLD Masters Baseball Tournament from 22 to 24 April 2023, so there is limited opportunity to train on Sundays before the season commences.

The competition start date is Saturday 29/4/2023.
Uniforms will be available for purchase at the Clubhouse.

In accordance with the standards imposed by the Covid Pandemic, players are required to provide their own gear including bat, glove/s & helmet.  Catchers to provide their own catcher’s gear.

Please register online ASAP so we can start to prepare teams.

For further information ask at the clubhouse on Wednesdays from 4pm or send an email to president@surfersbaseball.com