Surfers Baseball

Adult Baseball

Adult Baseball is played all year round and the club offers players the opportunity to participate in 2 adult competitions during the summer.

The Major League competition in Queensland is run by the Greater Brisbane League (GBL) and this competition is open to the more experienced players and features international players (imports) from the USA and other countries. This is a summer season competition that runs from October to April and is played across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast Baseball Association runs the Cougars Baseball League and competitions operate over 2 seasons. The summer league runs from October to April and the Winter league runs from May to September. Both seasons competitions are played amongst the clubs in the Gold Coast region.

To be eligible to play Adult Baseball players must be 15 years of age and above.

Women’s competitions are developing as player numbers grow.

Masters (Veterans) and Women’s events/tournaments are also played each year.

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Gold Coast Baseball Association

Greater Brisbane League