Gold Coast region wins the U18 Queensland State Titles

The Gold Coast have emerged as U18 Queensland State champions again in a rain-marred tournament held in Narangba recently. Day 3 of the tournament was completely rained out but the lack of rain in recent months did us a favour with the grounds at Narangba holding up extremely well. The rain meant that the finals were washed out and the tournament became a first past the post result.

After a loss to Far North Coast on the first day, Gold Coast were sweating on the result in the game between Brisbane North and Far North Coast. Brisbane North beat Far North Coast 2-1 in a very tight game which propelled Gold Coast into first place.

ElevenĀ  players from Surfers Paradise Baseball Club featured in the Gold Coast side including: Angus Ashcroft, Ethan Clarke, Scott Fitzgibbon, Ky Griffiths, Hunter Hasegawa, Matthew Hughes, Luke Nicholson, Deegan Powell, Jakob Rawlings, Sam Shannon and Harrison White.

The coaching staff and officials also included Surfers own: Scott Hillier (Field Manager), Connar O’Gorman (Assistant Coach), Ross Vance (Pitching Coach), Michael Fitzgibbon (EO), Steve Horrigan (Umpire) and Kim Rawlings (Scorer).

One highlight from the tournament was a no-hitter pitched by Scott Fitzgibbon against Brisbane West on the last day of the tournament. In a dominant outing, young Fitzy was on a perfect game through 5.1 innings and unfortunately walked a batter to lose the perfect game opportunity. This runner was doubled up on a line out by the next batter to the first baseman so that he faced the minimum number of batters over a 6-innings outing including 9 strike-outs. Gold Coast closed out the game with a 10-0 mercy victory in the bottom of the 6th innings.

The U18 Queensland State squad was recently announced with Surfers players selected including Deegan Powell, Scott Fitzgibbon, Jakob Rawlings, Sam Shannon and Josh McDonald.

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