COVID-19 Message for Return to Play this Saturday

COVID-19 Message to all players, officials, members and visitors to our club… Work on Return to Play has progressed well and the club is ready for our first week of baseball this Saturday. A few items to note:

Attendance Register:  Can every person who attends our fields record their name on our register. Players & Managers please sign the register placed in your Dugout.  Visitors & Spectators please sign the register available at the entrance to the clubhouse.

Canteen:  The canteen will be open. You will see that we have an entrance and exit open only. Please follow the signs and remember to social distance. There are no chairs or tables in or around the clubhouse. Please use either the terrace seating or bring your own fold up chair.

App: We recommend that everyone downloads the COVID-Safe app.

Safety:  Every dugout and scorers box has a green box with hand sanitiser, paper towels and disinfectant. There is one in the clubhouse also

Wellbeing:  If you do not feel well please stay at home. If anyone becomes unwell at the field, please leave as soon as possible however we do have an isolation room. Maps of all COVID measurers are on the wall of the club house.

Thank you.