Risk Management

Risk Management

In January 2008, the Club enlisted the services of Amarna Pty Ltd to facilitate a risk management planning process. 

The process enabled members of the Club to formally identify potential risks, assess the likelihood and consequence of these risks, and develop strategies to minimise, avoid, control and treat these risks. 

The outcome was the development of a Risk Management Plan that: 

  • records the identified risks and the assessment and treatment of those risks 
  • provides simple actions for implementing the identified risk treatments 
  • documents all the policies that the Club has adopted and implemented 

The Club’s management committee regularly reviews the Risk Management Plan and the associated action plan for currency and relevance. The Plan will be valuable for ensuring the safety and well being of participants, volunteers, committee members, and the general community.

Policies & Procedures

A series of policies and procedures have been developed to guide the activities of the Surfers Paradise Baseball Club, as outlined in your membership terms and conditions. These include:

  • Member Protection Policy 
  • Code of Conduct 
  • Complaints Procedure 
  • Player Fees Policy 
  • Game Cancellation Policy 
  • Smoke Free Policy 
  • Food Handling Policy

These policies apply and cover all active and financial (registered in IMG) members of the club.

Supporting Documentation

A number of supporting documents have been produced, including:

  • Risk Management Action Plan 
  • Game Duty Officer (position description) 
  • Complaint Form 
  • Facility and Equipment Repair List 
  • Facility Inspection Form (pre-game)

More Information

The risk management process has benefited the Club and community by providing a framework to effectively manage our baseball assets, events, and activities – thereby making it safer for participants, officials, spectators and volunteers. 

If you require any further information about the Risk Management Plan and its associated policies and procedures, please contact the Club via email or phone.