Mission Statement


Leading force in baseball


To build on the strong foundation of a successful family oriented club – rich in history, pride and unity – providing opportunities for enjoyment, development, and challenging members to reach their ultimate goals.


  1. To promote, administer and encourage support of and participation in the sport of baseball.
  2. To enhance participants’ and families’ enjoyment of baseball by providing:
  3. Management and infrastructure responsive to the sport and participation needs
  4. Opportunities for the development of new players to their highest potential
  5. Opportunities for the support and development of officials,
  6. Management, and volunteers to perform at their highest level
  7. Opportunities to maximise social contact and friendship formation A safe, high standard facility
  8. To raise the profile of baseball on the Gold Coast and surrounds, increase player numbers, and raise the standard of competition.
  9. To offer people of all ages and levels of ability in the Gold Coast community the opportunity to participate in baseball


Help young people to grow and develop

Speak positively within the organisation, both publicly and privately.

Enjoy the journey and help create an atmosphere of fun and happiness

Be willing to do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve team goals