Mission Statement

Surfers Baseball Club Strategic Plan 2020-25


A Leading force in Baseball


  1. Continue to grow and be the prominent BASEBALL CLUB OF CHOICE that is achieved by our unrivalled reputation, professionalism and success.
  2. Establish clear age and talent based pathways, quality programs and opportunities for the development of players coaches and officials.
  3. Offer people of all ages and ability in the Gold coast community the opportunity to participate in Baseball.
  4. Maintain current and future premier facilities that encourages participation and growth of the sport within the region, state and nation.
  5. Provide efficient management and controls of the club’s administration tasks.
  6. Promote, raise the profile and encourage participation in the sport.
  7. Continue to be proud of the club’s long standing commitment and contribution to the community.


To build on the strong foundation of a successful family oriented club – rich in history, pride and growth with close links to the community, while continuing to strive for best future facilities. Provide opportunities for enjoyment, be supportive, tolerant, and inclusive of our players, coaches, administrators & volunteers and develop and challenge members to reach their full potential and ultimate goals.


To respect every person and organisation we interact with and in turn to earn the respect of others for all that we do as individuals and as a club.

Recognise our history, celebrate our successes, speak positively and behave in a manner that reflects pride in our club and ourselves.

To be a professional organisation adhering to high standards reflected by our appearance, actions and attitude. Be willing to do whatever it takes to stay together, achieve team goals and aspire to be successful while always working within the rules. 

To enjoy the journey & our time together, help create an atmosphere of fun and happiness, be positive in what we do.