Keyperson Life Insurance partnership with Surfers Baseball

Dear Members and Associates of Surfers Paradise Baseball Club,

Keyperson Life Insurance is excited to commence a new partnership with Surfers Paradise Baseball Club by offering our services and an exclusive benefit of a 10% donation of your first years premiums.

This offer is only valid for members and associates of Surfers Paradise Baseball Club for a limited time from 17/01/2022 to 18/03/2022.

Josh Warner has played a key role in establishing this partnership. As many of you may know, Josh has been a part of the Surfers Paradise Baseball Club for over 10 years. Josh is excited by the opportunity with his position in Keyperson to create a partnership to give back to the club that has offered him invaluable growth and development over the past decade.

This partnership entitles you to a FREE, no obligation review of your life insurances (Life, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection). This review gives Josh the opportunity to ensure any insurances currently in place are in line with your current needs and market leading prices. Alternatively, if you do not have any cover in place, this will allow you to ensure you are safeguarding your family’s and/or your own financial security.

Most people are unaware of these statistics:

  • 63% of Australians have insurance inside of superannuation.
  • 39% of Australians have more than one super account and 14% of Australians have 3 or more super accounts. Therefore, potentially multiple insurances that you may be unaware of.
  • 79% of Australians do not have adequate income protection to meet their needs
  • 86% of Australians do not have adequate TPD cover.
  • 52% of Australians are underinsured.

Source:- TAL (

Benefits for the Surfers Paradise Baseball Club community:

Keyperson Life Insurance will make a 10% donation to Surfers Paradise Baseball Club for each qualifying policy. All donations to the club will be used for facility upgrades. For example, a roof on the batting cages or new lights in the bullpen.

Josh is excited to be able to extend this offer to the club and will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

What next?

Call or email Josh for a book a review

Call: 1300 78 55 77